Solid belt supports

Product information:
In most cases steel belts in ovens (baking, frying etc.) are supported by skid bars of special cast-iron, placed transversally underneath the belt. To ensure the best working conditions it is recommended that min 10% of the skids should be graphite bars.

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Cast iron skid bars

Graphite skid bars

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Interactive 3D-drawings in PDF format available.

Skid Bar 3D.pdf

Graphite Support 3D.pdf



Solid belt support, bars

Belt width, (mm):

500 to 1500

Delivery options:

Single bars or mounted on brackets

Bracket for bars:

Steel / stainless steel

Note: Min quantity to order is for cast iron skid bars and brackets 4 pcs. Graphite bars are sold in 4 pcs packages. Extra is charge for broken packages


Product name

Cast iron skid bars

Soft graphite bars

Hard graphite bars







Same CAD's as for the soft bars


Product code:

CP61- single
CP61- width 500
CP61- width 600
CP61- width 800
CP61- width 1000
CP61- width 1200
CP61- width 1500

CP60- single
CP60- width 500
CP60- width 600
CP60- width 800
CP60- width 1000
CP60- width 1200
CP60- width 1500



Delivery time:

3 weeks

3 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks

Note: Soft graphite bars are the ordinary ones for bake ovens

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