Spring loaded guide rollers, pairs

Product information

The spring loaded guide roller pair, SLGRp, is a passive tracking device, which even can be added in an existing conveyor. With this passive tracking device it is possible to handle situations when the running condition is variable, e E.g. the product is loaded onto the belt differently from time to time, temperature changes or uneven etc. The Spring Loaded Guide Roller Pair provides a robust and safe way to keep a belt running within acceptable side movements.

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Interactive 3D-drawings in PDF format available.

SLGRp 3D.pdf


Spring Loaded Guide Roller, Pair

Product code:


CAD-file (zip-archive):

SLGRp 600-3000

Product name:

Spring loaded guide rolls, pairs



Delivery time:

4 weeks

Note: Delivery time could be longer if more than 4 units are ordered


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