Product information:
Sheaves are used in short and/or low loaded conveyors instead of terminal drums. Sheaves are mounted on standard shafts in both drive and tension ends. With sheaves is it also possible to track steel belts with a true-tracking rope (V-rope). The tension in the belt is limited by the
sheaves to 7 MPa and the pulling force must not exceed 2 500 N for grooved sheaves and 1 250 N for other rim designs.

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Interactive 3D-drawings in PDF format available.

Sheave 3D.pdf


Sheaves for end stations, casted aluminum


diameter (mm):

300/25 to 900/120

Periphery design:

Flat; flat and chamfered; groove for v-rope

Note:Sheaves with flat periphery can not work together with sheaves with groove for V-ropes


CAD Drawings (zip-archives)

Product code:

CP30-xxx flat

CP31-xxx flat and chafered

CP32-xxx groove for v-rope, Dia 300-800

CP32-xxx groove for v-rope, Dia 900-1200

CP32-xxx groove for v-rope, with v-rop, Dia 300-800
CP32-xxx groove for v-rope, with v-rop, Dia 900-1200

Product name:

Sheaves for end stations

Delivery time

6 weeks



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