Compact conveyors


The Compact conveyor design is built in a modular way. It gives you a lot of options to design your own conveyor. The idea is to choose from the options given in the drop down lists on the design page.

All combinations are not able to fulfill:


  • Some options will automatically give restrictions in the drop down list for other choices.
  • Some other restrictions will show as a warning text after that you have submitted the entered choices.
  • The suggestion is normally a bigger end station diameter, but can also be a suggestion to change steel grade.
  • The suggested change that is given in the warning text will automatically be entered and if you find this to be okay you only have to press “send inquiry”.


  • If the suggested change in the warning text is not okay, you can go back and make your own change.
  • In case you are looking more to a small diameter of the end station, you should know that the steel grade has a certain impact on how small drums can be used. If the carbon steel grade is not allowed on the desired diameter, then it might be possible with the austenitic steel grade or the martensitic steel grade, (No need to try in the opposite direction.)


The compact conveyor is made in zinc coated carbon steel or stainless steel.

The steel belt is tensioned by means of coil springs. This design will enable the steel belt to elongate in relation to the steel belt temperature and thereby keep the same belt tension at any temperature.

The collapsing/tensioning of the belt is made by a screw jack so that the tensioning wagon is moved away from the drive end station untill the springs are giving the right tensioning on the belt.


The modular design has the advantage that the transportation of the conveyor will be made in modules that will be easy to assemble on site.


Conveyors up to 3m in c-c can be transported fully assembled. Conveyors over 3m in c-c will be transported in end station modules, in middle modules and with the belt separately packed in an endless condition or in an open condition.


Drive motor is included, electrical control is not.


Design your own compact conveyor!